Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Relative clitic

The equivalent of a relative clause is dealt in Kareyku with a Relative clitic. The clitic is attached as a normal suffix at the end of the noun and the declension if any. The clitic is -ja and such examples exist as:
vineru-ja       kevire       qappa-ta-l     pile
person-REL    never       eat-4T-EVD     fish
"A person who is known to never eat fish"
The clitic is highly productive and somewhat related to the topic marker, -ejen.
Karey-ja            tan-ey-ta          poko-lyo
Kareyku-REL     speak-IMP-4T    house-LOC
"The Kareyku spoken at home" or "The Kareyku as spoken at home"

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Impersonal infix

Kareyku has an impersonal infix -ey- attached to the verb. So for example, in sentences:
     tan-ey-te               odanu          poko-lyo
speak-IMP-4T.NEG   you-POSS       house-LOC
This can be translated into "He doesn't speak at your house" or "One doesn't speak at your home". In addition the -ey- infix can be used to make a kind of irrealis construction approximate to subjunctive.
shin          ikejen         tyasa      tan-ey-te
3RD.SG     I-TOP        prefer     speak-IMP-4T.NEG
I prefer he didn't speak
Pretty simple, but it can be used in so many constructions and variations, also compounded with the evidentials and others.